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IMRAN KHAN announced the big Jalsa at Muzzafarabad Azad Kashmir

Prime Minister Imran Khan announced to held the big Jalsa at Muzzafarabad Azad Kashmir on 13 September 2019. The purpose of this Jalsa is to show the solidarity with the people of the Indian occupied Kashmir. It has been about more than a month to lock down in Kashmir. PM announced the Jalsa and request the public to join him there for this great cause. PM announced the Jalsa by his tweetPM KHAN'S tweet
People are welcoming the decision of their PM and ready to be there at 13 September. Celebraties and other famous people also welcoming the decision and appealed the people to join them at Muzzafarabad.
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Impact Of U.S on Economy Of the Pakistan

Globalization is curse or blessing: Globalization is curse or sometimes the blessing for the economy of the Pakistan. The country selected for the justifying the above statement is (US) America.

Introduction Of American Economy:

The United States of America is a union of fifty states in North America. It is the world’s third largest economy in the world.(Amadeo, 2018). The U.S. economy is dominated by services oriented companies in areas such as technology, financial services, healthcare and retail.  Moreover, according to the IMF, the U.S. has the sixth highest per capita GDP. Foreigners continue to invest in U.S. assets and companies, and so the net international investment position of the United States has grown over time. The U.S. is the 2nd leading exporter of goods and services in the world and the number one leading importer. The U.S. dollar is often referred to as the world’s currency because it is by far the most used currency in international transactions and also the most wide…

Pakistan to free Indian Pilot on Friday

The joint session was called in the parliament of the Pakistan. In that Joint Session all the parliamentary leaders were there to attend that session. In that session the Prime minister of Pakistan Imran khan was also present. In that parliamentary session the prime minister of Pakistan announced the decision of Pakistan to free the   Indian Airforce Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthman, having service number 27981 who was captured by the Pakistan after downed the two jets by Squadron leader Hassan Siddiqui in the territory of Pakistan.
Pakistan decided to free the India's pilot on Friday just with the intention of peace. Pakistan thinks that through this peaceful gesture Pakistan can convey another message of peace to the other side of border. India's Public & most of their Journalists welcomed the decision of Pakistan to release the India's pilot as a gesture of peace.
Pakistan captured India's Pilot:Pakistan ca…

Relationship between India and Pakistan

The relationship between India and Pakistan have become worse and complex nowadays. There are many unpleasant events in the history of both countries that lead their relationship to this intense war situation.It began after the partition of the India and Pakistan in the subcontinent.  The situation of India and Pakistan relationships are not normalized at any time.  After the partition, the main issue between Pakistan and India is the Kashmir. India occupied the Kashmir and started to punish them brutally due to their Tahreek -e- Azadi. Pakistan tried a lot to normalized their relationships with India with table talk but India always refused and become more violent.

Positive and Negative Impact of Globalization

Globalization means interacted across the border of the country. The interaction may be in terms of politics, technology, legal, economic, societal etc. Due to globalization, there is fast innovation in terms of communication, transportation, and technology. Globalization got its due importance at the end of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century.

There are different mediums through which people connected with each other. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc has gained the most significant importance in the connected world. Before the advancement of technology, there was a huge communication gap between the countries and the people. But due to the advancement of the technology everyone become aware of more informative and aware of the other country's situation and circumstances. Due to the strong social media power, people can raise voice against powerful personalities as well. Social media also become an important tool for the promotion of the…